Meat Hook.

meat hook.png

  • Hair: DOUX – Shawnte Hairstyle Narrow Roots *new*¬†Tres Chic
  • Collar:¬†::Axix:: Yuzu Bondage Collar [Black] Silver¬†¬†Fetish Fair
  • Harness: ::Axix:: Yuzu Bondage Cords [Black] // MAITREYA¬†¬†Fetish Fair
  • Tongue:¬†K{<3}P – Drooly Tongue¬†Kokoru Peachu
  • Tattoo:¬†-[TWC]- Revealing¬†The White Crow
  • Cuffs: KDC Heavy Metal cuffs MP
  • Stockings: MAAI Sweetie stockings latex * Maitreya Lara MP


  • Hooks and Chains:[CX] Rusty Chains¬†CerberusXing
  • Scene: Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Pipes Walkway *new*¬†¬†Tres Chic

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