Welcome to my blog for Second Life! In my long existence in SL, this has been something I have always wanted to do. I am hoping to display some inspiration to all despite being an androgynous character. Once I was told that androgyny is beautiful (in real life actually) and I do agree. The freedom of SL allows me to play a little more with it then I’m comfortable in everyday life. That being said, I hope everyone can appreciate it for what it is!

I have only had my flickr a few months and I don’t have a lot of follows, but I do believe my creativity is adequate enough to venture into blogging! Open to suggestions from more seasoned bloggers out there, I am friendly boy so don’t be afraid to poke me.

Most of my work is guru style, a lot of scars and bondage related imagery. I mostly always portray myself as an albino submissive although in reality I have switch back and forth. Sometime sadist, other times masochist depending on my mood will most likely be portrayed in my work. You could guess not to expect a fluffy unicorn fashion blog, there are a lot of those anyways!